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----- Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo ----- 

This is a demo of what if Baldi's Basics had more than 3 floors in the game. The full version (of my Baldi's basics mod) will be free. The game has 7 floors (3 easy, 1 hard and 3 ultra hard) to win. The demo has the original characters of Baldi's basics in education and learning (Baldi,Playtime,Principal,Gotta Sweep,1st Prise,Arts and Crafters, Mrs. Pomp and It's a Bully). The demo has some of the items of Baldi's basics. This game has also many bugs or glitches so you can tell them to the comments. Some bugs are: You and other characters walk through walls, 1st Prise push you very very strongly... Anyways, that's a small demo of this mod.

How to Play: Arrows or WASD: Walk 

Spacebar: Use BSODA 

Click: Use whistle,Chocolate, teleporter,alarm clock (later will be more items being used with this button), click to buttons.

Escape: Back to Main Menu


Original Game: Mystman12 (Basically, Games!) 

App Used: Stencyl

Mod: Chris24XD

     Special Thanks: 

All school textures, characters and some items: Spongebob7989 

Updated logo: BaldiTheNoobGamer

Gave me in-game title and Lamp sprite: KayipKux

Videos: Baldi GuyTheGamingAnimator, GameTesters (MediaFile video)

----- Maps -----

The game has it's own maps. Use the photos to learn the game better:

To open the maps, download the maps file.

   --- New Versions ---

Well as you see from the title, new versions will come to the game. l'm gonna make v1.5. For now, watch some things to be pro at this 2D mod:

     --- Challenges!!! ---

A new thing at the game!!! For now 5 challenges are ready. Let's talk about them.

     --- Classtime ---

Classtime is 1 of the challenges of the game. In this challenge you have to go to 4 classes in time. Mrs Pomp will go on her way to class. You have to find the button to unlock the class; The class is locked so you can't enter instead of Mrs Pomp who walks through the walls. The game is easy but "These are Bullies" will block your way. Can you beat all the classes in time?

  --- Pushing Balloons (aka Balloon Challenge)---

You have to put 8 balloons in a Math Machine!!!

Baldi is harder at this challenge, because it's a challenge. The balloons also change color so that's funny a bit. Balloon Challenge has also many quarters to buy BSODAS. (Note that there's a bug that l can't fix it; Read the Update for more...) 1st Prise and Mrs Pomp won't get you in trouble, so your lucky. Last, it's SUPER HARD, just to know.

   --- Library Maze ---

"Travel to 4 libraries for big YTPs!" The game is in a big library where you have to escape really really quietly. Baldi still knows where are you. But don't worry! You will have Alarm Clocks, BSODAS, Chalk Erasers and maybe some new items. Can you think smart enough to find a way to trick Baldi?

   --- Speedy Challenge ---

"Try to get 25 notebooks in fast mode!!!" So guys, this is a challenge from Baldi's Basics Plus called Speedy. In this challenge, you have to get 25 notebooks while you, Baldi and Mrs. Pomp can run SUPER FAST!!! You can try buy BSODAS or find some (there 3 BSODAS in total) in rooms. "Can you think fast enough to get all the 25 notebooks and escape the school?"

   --- Class Finder (unfinished) ---

In this challenge you have to get to all the 7 classes in the shortest time you can. It is unfinished so don't play it yet.

     --- Unlockable Levels!!! ---

The game has also levels which you can unlock them by doing something. 3 are made, including Balloon Challenge too.

     --- Item Stealer ---

Well in this level, you have to enter to School Factuly Only Rooms to take all the items 2 minutes!!!

     --- Runner ---

In this level, you have to take all the Zesty Bars in 1 minute!!!

    --- Libraries!!! ---

Some things that are added to the game are libraries. You can't walk through them. Also Baldi and other characters cannot be seen if they walk through the libraries. That's a good trap so stay away from libraries, as more as you love them.

   --- YTPs (You Thought Points) ---

The game will also have YTPs. With these points, you will unlock many things. If you wanna take a piece of it see this video by me:

   --- Footage Only Scene ---

This is a scene that some things are tested in this mode. For example, the Principal can put you to detention by entering in a Factuly Room.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, Flash
Made withStencyl
Tagsbaldis-basics-mods, demo, floor, maps, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

----- Flash Problem ----

For people who don't have Flash, get it here.

Download, extract and play!!!

If you're download Maps.rar, extract and open the pictures.


Maps.rar 33 MB

Development log

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Lockdown doors are added to BBFMD!!!







How to disable down vote?


Why are you asking? Do you want to dislike something? Because l'm not disabling the up vote only option.


I’m saying how to enable the up vote only option.


Click on Edit project > More > Edit Comments

Then just select Up & Down, Up or no voting.






I just want to you delete this link  of my "channel"

Because it just my account, and I don't really have a channel.


Go to Advanced options and delete channel (if l remember correctly, l haven't changed these options).

(1 edit) (+2)

I just want to you unlink my name in this description of your game

And i'll see later about this option.


Oh, you want to remove your link in your credit.

No problem buddy.


hi please come to here https://usernamelolol.itch.io/account-simulator

l've already come to it...


ok new one  https://usernamelolol.itch.io/kid-friendly-disccusion


Make for android

l have to upgrade (via purchasing) Stencyl to do it.


Wait...Why is this in development? Because is already Released


Because new things are coming.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, I think the "mase" in the game description is wrong, it's Maze


Oh man l write ma"s"e again?

Sorry l'll fix it.

Also look at the new update.




l have 2 great ideas for my game.



  1. The notebooks will have random color.
  2. The fire's light will get darker and darker by the time.

Do you like these ideas?

New floors are coming to BBFMD and the existing ones will be deleted.

Also the game has Sounds!!!!!!!!!

(1 edit) (+1)


When you find she, she's go around the map and when she's come back to the player (following the player), she give the sticks (the sticks collected by she). Her name is Stick Machine This is a new character to my game!!

This is a character to my game

But this is a suggestion of a new character to your game!

This is cool, don't is?




All audios of the character

She is a robot and she is to Field Trips


l gave you answer to Gamejolt.

And it's cool but she looks like a toilet XD


New Audios:

Two of them is the sound when she going start walks!

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/730862528632193138/737834134327656488/SM_... The sound when she start walk.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/730862528632193138/737834140803530822/SM_... the loop of the sound

And this is a voice audio:



Here are some blocks that you won't find on Scratch:


Good news guys!!!

l found a way to import both MP3 and OGG files on Stencyl meaning l'm going to add a few of the Baldi's basics sounds!!!

l finally made Level Generator!!!

Please vote here.

Here's a small guide about how to make camping on your Stencyl game:


Beans's script will be changed. You won't have to touch him anymore. Every 30 seconds, if he's on-screen he'll spit his gum to you.

The Test's script will be changed, meaning instead of teleporting (in Endless Mode) or killing/shaking/giving sticks (on Camping) he'll just make the place dark.


Can you please play my mod and upload the gameplay to youtube?

Link: https://0th-prize.itch.io/baldis-impossible-basics



Can you also play my game? (Baldi's Basics Field Trip Scratch Edition) lol






Deleted 149 days ago

Hey, what script you used to save the "Accounts", i see: When i loaded, this is works!

(1 edit) (+1)

OK. To do it, first create a Name Text Game Attribute and a Already Registered Game Attribute. After that do the following script to the Main Menu:

Then, create a Scene called Register Scene and set the scene that you are going to go when you're clicking the Register button. After that go to the Register scene and do the following script:

You're done!!!

(3 edits) (+1)

I have a lot of bugs in the game: Bully can push items and NOTEBOOKS, the Baldi's Moviment is so bad, he's make the game so hard, in some locations, because of this unnecessary and bad player rotation, i can get stuck, and some times is impossible to enter in the Mrs Pomps' Room https://prnt.sc/tamv84... ok, this is these bugs i found...

I'm angry, but u don't need fell sad, ok :)

And if you want the correctly font of these numbers in the Math Machines, is here! :)

Oh i forget the 0

(2 edits) (+1)

Look l'm not Unity user so that means l can't do some things, like text coding 'cos l can only block coding.

Also Baldi's Movement is bad 'cos of its block used. l have to make more things to fix that (that l don't know how) - Not a bug.

It's a bully, yep he can push things so instead of stealing the only item you have, he pushes everything he sees (like Gotta Sweep xD) - Not a bug.

Also Player's rotation isn't a bug. Tell me if l wanna speed up he's rotation speed.

And remember that l'm trying my best to make this game Baldi's Basics Plus fan game.

l hope l answered to your questions and l'm really sorry. :(


So, it's a bully don't need to push everything, i can't win the Class Mrs. pomp mode because these bullys push the notebooks


Classtime challenge has two things to test to you: Your speed, and your luck.

You also need to press a button in the Classtime to unlock the class.


I knew this

l just replied lately lol

(2 edits) (+1)

Woohoo! Today l added Dark Mode in some levels!!! Also l added Pause button.

If you want to add Dark Mode to your game, just do this:

Tips for the Dark Mode:

100% opacity means no dark mode.

1% opacity means you can't almost see anything.

(3 edits) (+1)

A pause button? I'm thinking of my game (Baldi's Basics Field Trip) for have a pause button too

Edit: I'm subscribed on your channel :)

2º Edit: What problem have you with Mp3 files? You can convert them to others formats https://convertio.co/en/audio-converter/?utm_source=chrome_extension


First: Look, l can import to .ogg but flash doesn't apply .ogg files, and when l'm translating them as .mp3, it says that l have a problem.

Also, l found one way to do it but l don't understand something.

Second: l think it is not hard to make pause button.

Third: Thanks for subscribing to me. :D


If you can't export .ogg because flash don't apply, you can export to html?

HTML needs both of the files (both .mp3 and .ogg)

Deleted 149 days ago

Can you please add sounds to the game? Also, when you have a quarter, you can infinitely get BSODAs because the quarter isn't being removed from your inventory when you use it on the vending machine.

First, l have problems when l add .mp3 sounds.

Second, actually quarter hasn't infinity value, but yeah quarter doesn't dissapear. l'm trying to fix that.


oh yea, also i forgot that The Test has a spinning animation sheet sprite, and here it is:

Thanks but l won't use it.




Hey, wanna see the ultimate update?






what with that?


It’s a baldi mod



Ima play it...


Well.. try it on mobile.


Huh, it works well on mobile..

But, sometimes  the controls are not there...

it works on mobile?

Well, you really helped me cos' l know what l can do for the mobile devices.


And how you make the Scroll in the game

oh yeah Stencyl has some behaviors (which are codes that can be enabled without re-writing them) and l select the "Camera Follow"


How you export to flash?

In scratch, i use HTMLifier to make in html5, is so good

Stencyl uses java to export to flash.


while i was reading one of your posts, you said you will add a friends and views poster.

so, here is mine:

OK. l'll add it.

Thank you for the help.



My gameplay for Baldi's Basics Plus!!!

l'll stop coding the game for a time because l wanna take a break.


 l'll maybe add Baldi's head on the game.



You can use any one of the open locker textures for floor maps demo!


nah, sorry l'm not gonna add this. l don't mean it's terrible l just don't wanna use this.

Anyways, l also added Beans in the Endless mode!!!



Deleted 168 days ago
Deleted 168 days ago

l'm sorry about that.

Did you checked if your images are more than 3MB?

It has to be smaller if this is your problem.




OK guys. l finally made Save Progress!!!


this is the icon

this is the overlay

here are some Portal Poster sprites

it is hard to code it but l'll try.

Thank you by the way for the photos.



Insert memes here:




Deleted 165 days ago

Ok guys! Today we upgraded:

- Now Normal Mode plays random generated levels!!!

- Added Camping which it has teleporter, chocolate and The Test!!!

- You can see your YTPs on the Main Menu!!!

- Menu and Challenge Selector has been changed.

Have a nice day!!!


Was your game lagging?

Yes, because of the too many Actors in some levels.

Anyways, did you like it?




How did you make the game by the way?

Well l used Stencyl to make. Then when l was playing a BBM (Baldi's Basics Mod) l saw all the original BBIEAL textures so l started the project with these textures (it took me 2 hours to put them all). Then l was trying to add the right code of Baldi and l did.

After that, l left my fantasy , make the school bigger and l found all the right codes.

After l published l thought that l can only make v1.1. and done.

But lots of days later, l changed my thoughs and then, here you are with these upgrades.




If I can mod this for... Baldi's basics the best edition 2D!

wait do you have Stencyl? 'Cos l made this with Stencyl.

Anyways, thanks! l would love to play it!!! (◕ ◡ ◕)


no, but I do have scratch...

It's a bit impossible to make it to scratch.


Guess I have to get Stencyl...

(1 edit)

Do not worry. Stencyl is like Scratch but times better than Scratch.

For now, download the 1.3.8. file of the game.

When you install Stencyl, grab the "Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo 1.3.8.stencyl" and drag it into Stencyl.

Then open the scenes to find out things!!!

Also don't forget to credit me and plz do not upload the same game (l mean without changing anything)

Anyways, happy Stencyling!!!



what happend?





seriously tell me what happend l'm comfused.

Except you are going to tell me about stolen photo, then no.


Baldi's Basics The Best Edition is basically just Baldi Side stealing other peoples mods.

You touched the new update with your hand? XD [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]


No, he's trying to do a vibe check but failing miserably.

What Vibe Check means?

Sorry, about the question, l'm Greek.

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