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----- Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo ----- 

This is a demo of what if Baldi's Basics had more than 3 floors in the game. The full version (of my Baldi's basics mod) will be free. The game has 7 floors (3 easy, 1 hard and 3 ultra hard) to win. The demo has the original characters of Baldi's basics in education and learning (Baldi,Playtime,Principal,Gotta Sweep,1st Prise,Arts and Crafters and It's a Bully). The demo has some of the items of Baldi's basics. This game has also many bugs or glitches so you can tell them to the comments. Some bugs are: You and other characters walk through walls, 1st Prise push you very very strongly... Anyways, that's a small demo of this mod.

How to Play: Arrows or WASD: Walk 

Spacebar: Use BSODA 

Click: Use whistle (later will be more items being used with this button), click to buttons.

Escape: Back to Main Menu


Original Game: Mystman12 (Basically, Games!) 

App Used: Stencyl

Mod: Chris24XD

     Special Thanks: 

All school textures, characters and some items: Spongebob7989 

Updated logo: BaldiTheNoobGamer

Videos: Baldi Guy

       ----- Floors ----- 

The game has 7 floors. Each floor has it's own characters and items. 

 Floor 1: Baldi. Items: Quarter 

Floor 2: Baldi, Principal. Items: Quarter, Factuly Name Tag 

Floor 3: Baldi, Principal, 1st Prise. Items: The same 

Floor 4: Baldi, Principal, 1st Prise, Gotta Sweep . Items: The same 

Floor 5: Baldi, Principal, 1st Prise,Gotta Sweep, Arts and Crafters, This is a bully, another 1 Gotta Sweep. Items: Quarter, Factuly Name Tag, Apple, Whistle 

Floor 6: Baldi, Principal, 1st Prise, Gotta Sweep, Arts and Crafters, This is a bully, another 1 Gotta Sweep, Playtime. Items: The same. 

Floor 7: The same characters. Items: The same. More floors soon...

----- Maps -----

The game has it's own maps. Use the photos to learn the game better:

To open the maps, download the maps file. (l have putted 3 of them because my other maps reach 3 MB)

   --- New Versions ---

Well as you see from the title, new versions will come to the game. The current update will have 1 new challenge and some fix bugs.

     --- Challenges!!! ---

A new thing at the game!!! For now 1 challenge is ready. Let's talk about it.

     --- Classtime ---

Classtime is 1 of the challenges of the game. In this challenge you have to go to 4 classes in time. Mrs Pomp will go on her way to class. You have to find the button to unlock the class; The class is locked so you can't enter instead of Mrs Pomp who walks through the walls. The game is easy but "These are Bullies" will block your way. Can you beat all the classes in time?

     --- Unlockable Levels!!! ---

The game has also levels which you can unlock them by doing something. 2 are made.

     --- Item Stealer ---

Well in this level, you have to enter to School Factuly Only Rooms to take all the items 2 minutes!!!

     --- Runner ---

In this level, you have to take all the Zesty Bars in 1 minute!!!

Updated 19 hours ago
Published 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, Flash
Made withStencyl, Piskel
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

----- Flash Problem ----

For people who don't have Flash, get it here.

Download, extract and play!!!

If you're download Maps.rar, extract and open the pictures.


Maps.rar 33 MB
Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo v1.1..zip 83 MB

Development log


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chris can you click my profile and can you join the Beta baldi basics fun raiser, its a roblox thing

Well, in fact l don't have Roblox sorry.


ill be your helper

Well, you can tell me ideas for the game (for now l'm planning a balloon challenge and it's close to clear).


Had To Make another account I forgot the pass on the other won

too bad. It's ok. l understood you for the account.

Thank you so much for 1.034 views, 154 downloads and BaldiTheNoobGamer for his title!


I Made A Logo!

See Here!

OK. l'll use it and l'll credit you for this.


I playing on mobile

It's plays on mobile? What? How? And were you able to walk? Well yes you can touch buttons but could you walk? If yes, please reply me to update the page.

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Those 3 days make this so famous. l'm saying thanks for each view or download. If you wanna an v1.1. well, this is will be the last update with a random floor button. Anyways, have a great day!!!


It's little bit boring, but is cool

l'm really sorry. Stencyl is a 2D game engine only and free trial allow you to share to Flash. If you don't have it take it here.


I played the game in flash, but is little bit boring...

You wanted 3D, huh, didn't you?


no, it's boring because don't have sound

oh, well l have problems when l import Baldi's Sounds as .mp3 sounds.


l've new updates. Wanna listen them?

and don't tell it was easy, becasue it was really hard. l'll give you photo later; l have to go to e-class.

Now tell me...


My game Baldi's Basics Field Trip 2D is more big... but it's other program ( you are using), so i don't know if is hard or not

Ok, l'll check

Have you published it?


no, i'm updating... it's in scratch: my username: GD_creator433

ok, l'll check

me l'm Chris24XD on scratch

Me l use Stencyl.


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if you use Unity, yep you're program is way too harder...



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you don't have flash or it doesn't open?

Second, don't swear

Third, sorry about that. l can only create to Flash only. l have to buy to make to other devices.

Get it here.



İts 4 am what am i doing here


wanna freakout?