A downloadable Baldi mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the Baldi's Basics Plus Amazing Demo!!! This is my very first mod from BBFGPD!!!


- Mystman12 (aka Basically, Games!): Original game.

- Chris24XD: Mod

- michaeldoesgaming: gave me the UABE for the textures extract

- McMistrzYTTutorial on how to change textures (via UABE).

- Videos: MediaGamesGuide

Install instructions

Download, extract and play!


Baldi's Basics Plus Amazing Demo.zip 37 MB

Development log


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you knew how to mod textures even this is your first mod. good job!!!!!!

Thanks. l'll update the textures today or tomorrow.


you just swapped textures and you call it a ''mOd''

You know, even if this simple changes called a mod.

Also that was my first mod so l didn't add many things.

Just understand, it's my first mod.


Nightmares commin'



am i supposed to be a secret at this mod?

cuz when i saw someone playing this, i saw myself as the 99 chalkboard.


Nah. l just randomly selected it.

Also did you extract sharedassets3.assets via UABE?



My tutorial.



Thanks man.


How you did this? (Remember me from Gamejolt?)


Never mind

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Yes, you're CarlYT (aka CarlYTReal).


It would be better if you changed some sounds

Well, l have no idea what sounds to add.

And l was too lazy to record a new main menu sound.





you 1st mod



It's an okay mod. It reminds me of Baldi's Rezinked.


Also, I'm working on a Full Game Public Demo mod too. It's a remastered version of Barno's Upgraded School. It's also gonna be 3 parts.

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Congrulations for it and thank you for playing my first mod!!!

Edit: l'll maybe create one other with different things


Also, the mod I was talking about is released! Link: