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There's A Glitch:

If I catch 2 ballons this happens.

l know what happens and this is an unfixable glitch. Sorry for that.

The balloons will have random colors!!!




Nice game!, but some time is not open!

how that happends? (To solve it).

And thank you by the way.

l was bored making BBFMD all the time so l created this.

Bad news:

l can't publish to HTML5 'cos of some errors while building the game.

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I found two bugs, you can pick up more numballs insteand one.

And if you drag the numball to out of the screen, when you come back with him, the custom mouse don't appears anymore.

and another: If you has the numball and place close a bit of the Math Machine, you still lost the points, but the numball don't restart him position (this is only works with the Number ball Four) and you can have negative points too (-1).

And another: If you go with the mouse than fast, the numball can't follow the mouse. (I HATE THIS GLITCH, THIS IS NEED A FAST FIX)

And when you fail in the math machine, originally, it's plays a sound "PEEEEEEN"

Well, sorry for the bugs.

Some of them are unfixable.

Also yeah you can pick more numballs instead of one, l also wrote that to the descritpion.

And l'll try to fix (some of them)

- Thank you by the way, for the report. 'Cos you're helping me to write out data.


What do you can't fix?

l can't fix the not holding bug.

l can't fix the multiple balloons bug.

l can fix the others.

l published the update.


And i think you can fix this glitch to not holding fast and the glitch of dragging two or more numballs

No l can't.