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Oh hay (◕ ◡ ◕)

Hello there! Did you wanna add memes, but you got banned each time you added them? Well this is a page that you can free memes!!!

----- Memes can be added -----

  • Every category of memes, including video memes.

--- Memes cannot be added -----

  • +18 content memes.
  • Dead memes.
  • Memes that are used to fool somebody.

Well, go on!!! ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^)


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Here is a meme I made


It looks like Pizza King, whatever XD



I'm call it..

"Pervert baldi".

"l see you, friend!"

Baldi says instead of 1st Prise.


I gotta admit, those stretched out eyes make it look like a combination of Baldi and 1st Prize.


that is point.

So you mean --> Baldo Prise


it is 1st Baldo.

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Hi Baldi side.

Is this your face putted into Baldi's head?





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Remember guys that if l see chat fighting, l'm going to delete the guy that started it.

Guys that can be also deleted by starting a fight: Limon Games

Edit: Also the upper guys can be also banned forever (in-detention).

Edit 2: This comment will stop unless the upper guys come again (which l don't think so, 'cos l made them get out).


Alien eye XD

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ok here is a meme:

and this:



I hoped this will be true xD

στο ελπίζω :D

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κοίτα κάνε select τα sub σου! δεξι κλικ και ελενχος μετα βρες τα subs σου στο text και κανε πάνω στα subs σου δεξι κλικ μετα πάτα edit text και άλλαξε τα sub σου (όμως αυτό θα είναι fake και όταν ξανα μπεις στο καναλι σου θα είναι πάλι τα κανονικά σου subs xD)


με τις προβολές είναι καλό να το κάνεις.

επίσης σε ευχαριστώ που έπαιξες το Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo.

Τα άλλα modes είναι πολύ καλύτερα από το κανονικό.

Επίσης το κανονικό είναι random generated απλώς σου έτυχε το αρχικό XD

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Not really a meme, but if you want to use this for your promotions for BBFMD, you're welcome.

Deleted 130 days ago

l'm sorry about that. 

First, l don't have 1000 subs on Youtube to add Superchat.

Second, l have deleted my Gamebanana account.

Last l don't have Gamejolt.

and question.

Is your problem is that you have more than 3MB images?

Deleted 130 days ago

check it and then alert me.


Okay. NOW it's fixed.

wow. l'm gonna use this as a thanks.

And anyways, l'll credit you.


No problem!