Welcome to the Money Clicker!!!

It looks like an original money clicking game but it has some extra things. You can read them right here:

<-- With this dollar you can earn money by clicking on it.

<-- You might find Golden Coins!!! Click on them to earn 2000$!!!

<-- This game isn't just a endless game! You can die if you don't feed yourself!!! When you have Meat, click on the icon to eat it (it gives you + random between 50 and 100% hunger).

<-- This thing shows you how much money you can earn by clicking on the coin.

<-- This thing shows you how much money you can earn every 1 second.

<-- This shows you the money you have earned.

<-- This shows you the hunger you have.

When you have earned more than 500$ click to the shop text to enter to it.

When you're inside the Shop you can do the following things:

<-- To buy something, see if you have the money for it and click on its Buy button.

<-- You can buy a meat. It costs 250$.

<-- You can upgrade the money you can get by clicking on the coin. It costs 500$.

<-- You can upgrade the money you can get every 1 second. It costs 1000$.

<-- When you're done, click this button to go back to the main scene.

If you die, you lose everything.


1. Try to click fast if you want to get more money and buy things.

2. The first thing you have to upgrade is Money Per Click. If Hunger is to 50% buy a meat, eat it and then continue.

3. Each time you buy something, its cost incharges by 250$.


App used: Stencyl

Game by: Chris24XD

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