v1.1. Update: Page Update, how to play and bugs you must know!!!

Page Update:

- Now you can actually play this game with Abode Flash Player in browser!

- Added the Completed Edition .swf file for enjoying the full version (you can see what added by downloading the Save Luigi (Completed Edition).zip file

How to play:

Arrow Keys: Move Mario
Left Click: Get powers

Bugs that this game has:

- When you go to a edge, you lose and the game isn't reloading and you must reload the page :(

- When you touch a fireball, sometimes the game reloading but Mario not :(

(l don't know if l can fix that bugs but if l do it, l'll make a new file of this game and l'll change the .swf file)


Save Luigi.zip 27 MB
Jul 22, 2019
Save Luigi (Completed Edition).zip 27 MB
Jul 25, 2019
Save Luigi.swf Play in browser
Jan 29, 2020

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