A downloadable Stencyl kit for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hi there!!!

Today l made a small kit that it contains some Custom Blocks that you can use them to your games. Notice that all these blocks are global custom blocks.



App Used: Stencyl

Kit: Chris24XD

Install instructions

Download the kit, extract and drag the .stencyl file into Stencyl. Then click to it to open it (found on Kits category) or make a game with this kit.

----- Examples -----


Some Custom Blocks Kit.rar 154 kB


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Do you have an example of what the blocks would look like if I did not use your kit?

Well you can download the kit and see its normal function by opening the "My custom blocks" behavior and click on an global block.

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Hope you will do more stuff like this.

You're welcome!


Hi, how are you? Could you explain what each block is for? I'm new to stencyl and I found your files and I was interested but I didn't fully understand their functions.

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Oh, yeah these are some useful custom blocks that you can use them for your games.

Their just shortcuts, no worries!!!

Put them in a game to use it.

Like if you make a Shooter Game, you can get a Type & Type event (When a "Bullet" hits an "Enemy") and get 2 kill blocks and put the 1st and 2nd actor block inside. Then just put the "Add 0 to score" custom block and change 0 with a whatever number.

If you don't understand, check the photo.

Oh, you asked other thing sorry:

This block makes an Actor walk right and left by pressing a key and putting its speed.

This block makes an Actor walk down and up by pressing a key and putting its speed.

This block makes anything to a control (it's not necessary to use that block)

Adds a whatever number to your score.

Lose whatever number lives.

Inputs a Scene's name (it's not necessary to use that block)

Sets the number of how quickly an Actor will spin.

Checks if two controls were pressed together.

Checks an Actor's animation.

Applies a effect for an Actor and after whatever seconds, removes every effect.

- l hope l helped.