Console Edition

   Console Edition   

- Hi! l finally made a console for the game.

To open it, press C


- reload_scene : It reloads the game.

- off_music : It turns off the music.

- on_music : It turns on the music.

- Chris_Videos_Greek : It opens my YouTube channel.

- exit_console : Closes the console.

- start_shake : It shakes the screen for 10 seconds.

- stop_shake : It stops shaking the screen.

- grow_self : It grows the Ship.

- clear_console: (DO NOT USE IT) It clears the console. When you use it, it also deletes the commands so if you use it, you have to reload your page.

Console Code:

Or open it here.

The code of Console Only:

Or open it here.


1. Both of them use the HUD Console Extension.

2. Both of them use Custom Blocks.

By Chris24XD


Invaders (with Console).swf Play in browser
Apr 29, 2020

Get Stencyl - Invaders (Fixed Solution)

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